Friday, February 24, 2006

Sociopath vs. Protector

Last Friday I finished reading Race Against Evil. Race Against Evil is the autobiography of David Race Bannon. David Bannon worked for Archangel, a special Interpol unit that "cleaned" (assassinated) child traffickers and child pornographers. Here is an excerpt from Race Against Evil:

Dr. Kim explained "Two percent of the male population, when given a legitimate reason or are pushed unnaturally, can kill without regret. They are like the protector of the innocents or a lioness," he said, watching me all the time. "She would never harm her cubs, but will kill without remorse to defend or feed them." He added that such men do not have the resistance to killing that is common in the other 98 percent of the population. "These men may be called sociopaths, but in the medical sense, not the popular vernacular. In a combat situation or as a policeman, this trait is desirable," he said, "and movies and novels glorify just this type of capacity to kill." Dr. Kim further explained that "Anti-social personality disorder," that is, the disorder of sociopaths, lends itself to rebellion against authority and highly assertive insistence on doing things in unconventional ways. In this sense, the sociopath is one who behaves in a way deemed inappropriate by society, but whose role is essential nonetheless. He added, "Just because a child molester is a sociopath does not mean that all sociopaths are child molesters. In a smaller way the school clown or the man who leaves a salaried job to be an artist might also be anti-social."

His arguments sounded valid and even reasonable. I do not doubt that he believed them himself.

He laid out two equations on his notepad:

Aggression - Empathy = Sociopath
Aggression + Empathy = Protector
The protector, he explained, does not have a classification in the medical community because such behavior is not considered a disorder. "But take away the empathy and you have a sociopath."
I am a protector. I know that I could kill without remorse if I had to in order to protect an innocent person. I thank God for my protective nature.
Some people are afraid of me when they first meet me. I am 6'4" tall and I do have strong features, but I think it is my aggressive spirit that is what really scares people. I'm not necessarily talking about an outward aggressive behavior. What I am referring to is the other person's spirit picking up on my aggressive spirit. This scares some people at first. After they get to know me, and find out that I am an empathetic person, most people are no longer afraid of me or are less afraid of me than they were initially. After getting to know me, most people, especially ladies, also find out that I am also very protective.
David Bannon was recently arrested for criminal impersonation. I believe that David's story is true. If accomplishing nothing else, this book sheds light on the most terrible industry in the world. Please visit the Free A Child website to help them with rescuing and protecting children from child prostitution and trafficking.

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SLFlyinghorse said...

Driving back to theVillage late one night/early morning I heard DRB on coast to coast radio. I was hooked.

I bought the book and loved it. It opened up new avenues of thought and reflection for me upon my own self. Since at the time, I was protecting my Village up here in AK.

DRB, among others near and Far in my life, helped influence the sharing of my writings via Blog.

Later I found out that DRB was arrested and I have my doubts now about him, nevertheless, he did unveil a tale regarding a heinous industry that does need combating on every front.

I wish him well, and I'm more sad for him and his immediate family at this time.

Contact me at your leisure, I have more to say.