Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Blackfive's State of the Union

Everyone should go over and check out Blackfive's State of the Union. You should also go check out Another Great Letter from Iraq at 2Slick's site. While your out there in the blogsphere, Rick has found an answer to the question, Where are the Iraqi MMD's?.

Sunday, January 29, 2006

I Am a Christian

My dad was a missionary before I was born. He went to a Bible college in Little Falls, NY when I was an infant. I have been a Christian as long as I can remember. Although I don't have a memory of when I first became a Christian, I did accept Jesus as my savior on a couple of occasions (just to make sure) in my pre-teen years. My parents were divorced when I was three and I lived with my dad growing up. My dad took us to church {most of the time it was an Assembly of God (pentecostal) church; we also went to some charismatic non-denominational churches} off-and-on over the next 14 years. While visiting my mom (for a few weeks every summer) and while living with my mom (for the last half of my senior year), we went to Central Baptisit Church with her. So I guess you could say I was raised Pentebaptist. ;)

When I moved to Utah eight years ago, I did join the LDS church. The LDS church has a lot of the basic Christian beliefs that I believe in and the person that introduced me to the LDS church was a good person, so I got baptized into the LDS church. After being in the church for a few months I learned more about their beliefs and because I disagreed with them I quit attending the LDS church and considered myself to be a Christian but not LDS. This website talks about the major things I disagree with in the LDS church and explains why they are not true.

For the past 13 years I have not regularly attended church. This is something that will change when I get a car in two weeks. I don't read the bible very often (although this year I have made a commitment to read the entire bible) and I don't pray very regularly either (something else that will change this year). That having been said, I do treat people right most of the time. I am a very loving, helpful, and honest person and although I'm not perfect, I do believe that I treat people as a Christian should. I have accepted Jesus as my savior and I do believe the essential Christian doctrines, so I know that I am a Christian.

Saturday, January 28, 2006

Tristan & Isolde

Earlier this evening I saw Tristan & Isolde at the Hollywood Connection's Ritz 15. I rate it 4 (out of 5) stars. Tristan & Isolde is an action romance about star-crossed lovers from warring countries during the Dark Ages. It is a sad but good story. I'm looking forward to seeing Ultraviolet, 16 Blocks, and Mel Gibson's Apocalypto.

I left Race Against Evil at the hair stylist last week and when I went back it was gone so I re-ordered it from I also ordered The Magic of Thinking Big by David Schwartz. They both arrived yesterday. Yesterday I ordered Paul McManus's The 7 Great Prayers book and his Prayer CDs.

My job at Teleperformance is going well. I will probably be promoted to a position as a Lead soon, which is one step below Supervisor. I'm working 6 days/ week for the next 2 weeks. I'm working 2-3 days a week at The Dive now. I'm going to buy a car two weeks from today.

Sunday, January 22, 2006


On Friday I saw Munich at the Cinemark 24 at Jordan Landing. I rate it 4.5 (out of 5) stars. Munich is the story of a team of Israeli assassins that hunted down the Palestinians believed to be responsible for planning the killings of 11 Israeli athletes at the 1972 Munich Olympics. I still want to see Glory Road, The New World, and Underworld: Evolution. I also want to see Annapolis, Tamara, and Firewall.

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Let Your Light Shine

In February of last year, after seeing Coach Carter, I quoted Rick Gonzalez's character, Timo Cruz, in Our Deepest Fear. The other day I found out that he was actually quoting Nelson Mandela. Here is the entire quote from

“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness, that frightens us most. We ask oursleves, 'Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, and famous?' Actually, who are you not to be? You are a child of God. Your playing small does not serve the world. There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that people won't feel insecure around you. We were born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us. It's not just in some of us; it's in all of us. And when we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our prescence automatically liberates others.”
"You are a child of God. Your playing small does not serve the world. There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that people won't feel insecure around you. We were born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us." This year I am going to quit being afraid of my potential and quit sabatoging myself. I am going to start walking in authority!

New Neighbors

I have added two new "Neighbors" to my Blog listing in the right column - Sawyer and Chad & Angie. You should check out their blogs as well as my other "Neighbors" - Todd Lillywhite and Su-tang 3000. You should also check out the other Blogs I've linked to as well as my Links. I also added two links today under "Make A Difference" - and Oxfam America. If your new to my site or want a review of the past 16 months, check out My Favorites.


Today is my first payday from Teleperformance. I paid rent and part of my Sprint cell phone bill. I also went online and bought a few things I've been wanting for a while: a new pair of boots, Combat Abs, and David Race Bannon's book - Race Against Evil. On my next payday, in two weeks, I am going to buy a used car.

Monday, January 09, 2006


Phil and I saw BloodRayne at the new Centery 16 - Union Heights theater last night. I rate it 3 (out of 5) stars. It was low-budget and the story was thrown together but I liked looking at Kristanna Loken for an hour and a half. I still want to see Munich. I also want to see The New World and Glory Road.

I'm working at The Dive every Saturday now. I covered shifts for other Bouncers on Friday and Sunday this weekend. It's the most uneventful Bouncer job I have ever had but the pay is decent so I can't complain.

Friday, January 06, 2006

Getting Fit

On Monday I decided to start exercising 6 days/week. On Mondays, Wednesdays, & Fridays I'm doing Matt Furey's Royal Court from his Combat Conditioning program. The Royal Court consists of three exercises - Hindu Squats, Hindu Pushups, and a Back Bridge. On Tuesdays, Thursdays, & Saturdays I'm doing some sit-ups and crab walking. I'm going to get Matt's Combat Abs program so I can do the Magnificent 7 ab routine on Tuesdays, Thursdays, & Saturdays. Getting fit by exercising 6 days/week is my Physical Goal for 2006.

Reading the Bible This Year

On Tuesday I made a goal to read the Bible from beginning to end this year. has several reading plans for reading the Bible in a year. I'm doing the Beginning to End reading plan. I have read a lot of the Bible but I haven't read the whole thing. Reading the Bible in a year is my Spiritual Goal for 2006.

Monday, January 02, 2006

New Year's Eve @ The Dive

For New Year's Eve I worked Security at The Dive Bar & Grill (formerly Todd's). I worked the door, checking I.D.s and charging cover. It was an uneventful night. I got paid well and the owners were impressed so hopefully they'll use me on Saturdays until I get done with training at Teleperformance (I have 3 more weeks).

I'm going to be doing Security for a party at Sundance Film Festival that Shane, a.k.a. "Big Sexy", will be running later this month. I will also be working for Josh, a.k.a. "Little J", (he's a Bouncer at Vortex) doing Personal Security for Tech N9ne and other artists that he and his business partners will be bringing to Salt Lake City this year.