Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Peaceful Warrior Available on DVD

One of my favorite movies, Peaceful Warrior, has been released on DVD today! I've seen Peaceful Warrior twice in theaters, once last year when it was given a limited release, and again this year when it was given a wide release. You can buy Peaceful Warrior on DVD by clicking here.

I interviewed with one of the owners of Bliss last Wednesday. He basically asked me to explain why I'm the man for the job. I told him about all the experience I have - over 10 years doing Security in night clubs and at concerts; doing Security for the Super Bowl, the Olympics, and Sundance; running Security at Vortex, Players, & Natalies. I told him that I am good at filtering out the troublemakers. I explained that my Security philosophy is to be aware of what is going on around me and prevent things from escalating before they get out of hand. I told him that I am trustworthy. I told him that I am a Christian. I told him that although I am not perfect, I am honest. I told him that my purpose in life is to protect people. After I was done "selling" myself I asked him what kind of pay they were going to offer me. He told me that he was going to talk to the other owners and they would let me know.

We got our liquor license approved today. We also passed the fire and building inspections. If they can pay me what I am worth, I will be signing a contract later this week or early next week. Yes, I am learning from my past experiences (like this one, this one, this one, and this one) and will be getting a contract. They will have to pay me more than I'm making at Teleperformance to get me to cut back to part time so I can work both jobs. I put in a schedule change request last Wednesday. I requested to only work on Mondays and Tuesdays from 3:30 PM until 12 AM starting the week of July 8th through July 14th because Voodoo's Unveiling Party is on Wednesday, July 11th. This would allow me to work at Voodoo on Wednesdays, Fridays, & Saturdays and have Sundays & Thursdays off. I found out today that I won't know if my schedule change request has been approved until the end of next week. I have heard that our benefits at Teleperformance, especially the dental benefits, are not very good. I want to work both jobs so I have something to fall back on if Voodoo doesn't work out but if they can't give me the schedule I want, and if I can get a good contract for Voodoo, I might just quit Teleperformance and work at Voodoo.

We are having another Job Fair for Bliss and Voodoo this Friday and Saturday from 12-4 PM. We have hired enough bartenders, barbacks, cocktail waitresses, and shot girls for Bliss but we are still accepting applications. I will still be interviewing people for positions at Voodoo, the 18+ part of Bliss that I will be managing. I need to hire Door Girls and Energy Bar Girls. The Door Girls will be collecting cover charge at the front door. The Energy Bar Girls will be selling energy drinks, soda, and bottled water at the Energy Bars. I want to hire a few of the guys that I interviewed last week for Security. I also want to rehire Dan, who worked the last night Vortex was open. I will interview some more guys for Security this weekend and then they will have go to a second interview with one of the owners early next week. We will have some training at the end of next week.

Speaking of Security, I have been reading Clublife, a blog by a bouncer in New York City, off and on for a few years now. While reading the Bouncer (doorman) Wikipedia article last week I came across another blog by a bouncer working at a night club in a holiday park complex in the UK. It's called A Dirty Job. The Bouncer article also links to two other bouncer websites, Door Network and Working the Doors. You can also check out the rest of my blog for the club life from my perspective.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007


Two weeks ago, on Tuesday, Phil called me and told me that he had recommended me to the new owners of Vortex for a job. No, I didn't tell him to go jump in a lake. Wednesday, I finally went downtown to the Labor Commission and filed a wage claim against Travis Pera and his brother, Ryan Pera who is the one who signed the checks from Club Vortex that bounced.

On Thursday I met Phil and he told me that he was recommending me to be the manager for Voodoo, which is the 18+ part of the new club on the 1st floor. The 21+ part, on the 2nd , 3rd, and 4th floors, will be called Bliss. The owners have someone that they want to run Security for Bliss but Phil recommended me to run Security for Voodoo as well as managing the Door Girls, Energy Bar Girls, D.J.'s, and Go-Go Dancers. I still have to meet with the owners to talk to them about pay. I will be working there on Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday.

On Saturday I was working at Teleperformance when A.J., the Head of Security at Harry O's, called me to ask if I could work the MySpace Party they were having. I told him I would ask my supervisor and call him back. I was on lunch so I asked my supervisor and he asked me if I could get him into the club. I told him that I didn't know but I would see what I could do. He let me go so I went home to shower and eat and headed up to Harry O's. When I got there A.J. had me work one of the VIP sections on the balcony on the stage left side of the club.

My area wasn't too busy because only the VIPs were up there. I always keep an eye on the Go-Go Dancers as much as possible without neglecting my area. Around midnight I saw one of the Go-Go Dancers who was dancing on the main bar below me talking to one of the barbacks. Then I saw the barback get up on the bar where she was dancing and talk to a customer directly in front of the Go-Go Dancer. I signalled A.J.'s brother, who was working one of the doors to the backstage area on the stage right side of the club, with my flashlight (Surefire's 6P with the P61 lamp assembly). He got someone to watch his post and then moved towards the Go-Go Dancer. A.J. must have seen the barback up on the bar, and I think they give radios to some of the barbacks, because he was on the pervert before his brother got there. I later found out that the pervert had been taking up-skirt pictures with his camera phone.

Later on I asked A.J. if I could get my supervisor in and he said yes and put his name on the list at the front door. When my supervisor called I told him that he was on the list. The next day (Sunday) I checked my mail from the past couple of days and my CCW was in there! Finally!

Last Tuesday Travis called me but I was working so I couldn't answer. I called him back and he threatened to sue me for check fraud if I didn't drop my wage claim. I told him to go ahead and try. Then he said that he was going to claim that I was an independent contractor, which he knows is a blatant lie, and get my case dropped. I told him that he was full of it and he knew I wasn't an independent contractor so go ahead and try to get the case dropped. He then told me that he would pay me $500 if I would drop the case. I told him that he owed me more than $1,000 so he would have to pay me more than $500. I suggested $800. He offered $600. I told him that I would think about it and call him back. I called a friend and asked him what he thought I should do. He suggested that I take what I could get, move on, and let go. I called Travis back and told him I would settle for $600. He told me he would pay me on Thursday. I told him that I wouldn't take a check because I didn't trust him.

Travis finally got around to paying me on Friday. He paid me $600 cash and had me sign one form that he was going to fax to the Labor Commission saying that I was dropping my case against him and another form saying that I wouldn't pursue any further payment from him. After getting paid I went to the pawn shop and got my XD 45 ACP handgun out. It had been in the pawn shop since last year. I had to pawn it to help pay rent because I went overboard in helping Chere and her kids. Then I went to my friend's house, who loaned me some money last year to help me since pawning my gun didn't get me enough money to cover rent, my car payment and food for a couple of weeks, and finished paying him and his wife the money I owed them. I spent Friday and Saturday with them. Friday night, on the way to see Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer (A-), my car kept stalling due to some type of short in the electrical system. I got it back to my friend's house after the movie. Later that night when we went to Wendy's to get a shake it stalled some more. I called my car dealership, Menlove Dodge Toyota, and they got it towed up to the mechanic near the dealership in Bountiful. They finally got it fixed today and I'll be getting a ride up there to pick it up after I get off work.

I created a Myspace site for Voodoo last week. Today I started helping one of the owners of Bliss with Bliss's MySpace site. Bliss and Voodoo will be having a Job Fair tomorrow and Thursday from 12-4 PM. We will be hiring for all positions. On Sunday I created ads at and for the Job Fair. Today I created an ad at I'll be going in at 11:30 AM tomorrow to meet the new owners. I hope the online ads are enough because the owners didn't want to run an ad in the Salt Lake Tribune or City Weekly. One of them decided to run an ad in the Salt Lake Tribune a few weeks ago so they didn't want to spend more money running another ad. I have no idea why you would run a Help Wanted ad six weeks before you're going to be opening but I've realized that some things just can't be understood.

Sunday night I ordered a SmartCarry concealed gun holster. I ordered the Security V model. I had done some research online comparing SmartCarry and Thunderwear. I found out that SmartCarry has a better perspiration barrier and they don't have any downward facing seams on the top front of the firearm or tactical reload pocket for your gun to snag on. They're also less expensive than Thunderwear.

I finished reading Requiem for an Assassin by Barry Eisler. It was very good. Barry Eisler, who used to work for the CIA, has some good articles about personal safety and martial arts. If you're a writer or if you're interested in becoming a writer check out his articles for writers. While you're on his website check out his Links page. I haven't finished reading Old School-New School: A Guide to Bouncers, Security and Registered Door Supervisors by Jamie O'Keefe because I've been spending a lot of time at Gamerzz playing games and working on the Voodoo MySpace site. I hope to finish reading it soon. I also want to read Verbal Judo: Words as a Force Option by George J. Thompson, Open Mind, Open Heart by Thomas Keating, and Patriot Acts by Greg Rucka.

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Fate's Wedding

Fate and Theorian are two of my friends that I used to do Personal Protection for when they opened for many different Hip Hop artists that performed in Utah. They opened for artists such as Method Man, KRS-ONE, Bubba Sparxxx, the Yin Yang Twins., and the Alkaholiks. They move to Las Vegas two years ago but I have kept in touch with them.

Two weeks ago, on Wednesday, Fate, Theorian (a.k.a. Dissaster), Paradise (Fate's wife), and Derek (their roommate) came up to Salt Lake City. Fate and Paradise had a small wedding ceremony back in February but Paradise's family, who are Tongan, wanted to have a bigger ceremony with all of their family. Fate called me several weeks ago asking me to be in his line for the wedding. I haven't grown (or shrunk) any since my brother's wedding and they were getting suits from the same place, Men's Warehouse, so I didn't have to get fitted again.

Last Wednesday night, after I got off work, I went over to Fate's sister, Teisha's house and hung out with them for a little while. Thursday afternoon I picked up my suit. After work on Thursday night I picked up Fate, Theorian, and Derek and we met Shane at Habits (where Player's used to be) for some Karaoke. They spent a lot of money renovating the club and it shows. After karaoke we went to Denny's to hang out with Shane and his friends. Friday night they wanted to rest so I went to Gamerzz for a couple of hours before going home to get some sleep.

Saturday morning I picked up Theorian, Derek, and "Little Man" (Teisha's son) from Teisha's apartment. Then we went to Fate's mom, Carol's house and picked up Fate. Little Man decided to ride with his mom to the wedding so Theorian, Derek, and Fate rode with me down to the Free Wesleyan Church of Tonga for the wedding. Just before we got off the highway, Theorian said "That was brave." I responded "What was brave?" He said "Passing that cop like that." I looked in my rear-view mirror and saw a marked police car with his siren on. I'm usually on the look-out for cops because I tend to drive fast but somehow I completely missed this one. I pulled over to the side of the road, pulled out my driver's license, and asked Fate to get my registration and proof of insurance out of the glove compartment.

When the cop came up to my window he was upset because he was "going 65 and I passed him like he was standing still" and he "had to go 85 just to catch up to me". After he chewed me out and I explained that we were on the way to Fate's wedding he asked "Where do I know you from?" I said "I do Security at some of the clubs downtown." He said "Vortex?" I said "Yeah." He told me to slow down and let me go. As we pulled out Fate and Theorian told me that they were praying that I wouldn't get a ticket.

At the church I carried Little Man around to keep him occupied while we waited for the wedding to start. Fate told me that Little Man's sister, Dejanae, was sad because she wasn't in the line for the wedding so I invited her to walk around with us. Theorian was Fate's Best Man. Derek, Lam, and I were in the line with a bunch of Paradise's cousins.

Shane was in the line too but his truck broke down so he was a little bit late. He got there before Paradise though. Fate sang his song, Rest of My Life, to Paradise as her father walked her up the aisle while Derek played acoustic guitar. After the wedding we walked down the stairs and a bunch of people, including Shane, took pictures. After that we got into limos and rode around for a while. At 3:45 we got dropped off at Little America for the wedding reception.

This wedding reception was different from any other wedding reception I have ever been to. They had a Pacific Island dance group do dances from all over the Pacific Islands. The Tongans have a cool wedding tradition in which relatives on both sides of the family are given several expensive, beautiful, handmade blankets. Carol and Teisha received blankets. Most of my experience with Polynesians has been breaking up groups of them in fights while doing Security at clubs. In fact, several of the clubs that I have done Security at have limited the number of Polynesians that are allowed in to prevent things from getting out of control. I can understand supporting your family but when they are causing a problem you should straighten them out, not join them in fighting. It was good to have a positive experience with Polynesians and see how giving they can be.

Saturday night, after the wedding reception, Theorian, Derek, and I went to Gamerzz to play some Counter-Strike: Source. We were all not feeling good because it had been a long day and we hadn't kept ourselves hydrated so it wasn't as much fun as it could have been. After playing for a few hours I dropped them off at Teisha's apartment and went home to get some sleep.

Sunday morning I picked up Theorian and Derek and we went to the Free Wesleyan Church of Tonga to be with Fate and Paradise at their first mass as husband and wife. The Tongan tradition is for them to attend church together and wear a ta'ovala. After church Paradise's parents treated a bunch of people from both sides of the family to a buffet at Crazy Jim's buffet, a really good Chinese buffet restaurant. After lunch Theorian, Derek, and I went to Gamerzz and played some more Counter-Strike: Source. We had a lot more fun because we were well fed and hydrated. Sunday night I saw Flywheel (A+) with a friend.

On Monday I saw Pirate's of the Caribbean: At World's End (A) with a friend and his family. Sunday evening I picked up Theorian and Derek and we helped my friend and his family clean up a house that they will be buying from a relative and renting out. On Tuesday I picked up Theorian and Derek and we went to Paradise's parents house to hang out with Fate before they went back to Vegas. It was good seeing Fate, Theorian, Teisha, Little Man, Dejanae, and Carol again. It was good meeting Derek. I hope to see Fate, Theorian, and Derek again soon.

I've read more than half of Requiem for an Assassin by Barry Eisler. I'll finish reading Old School-New School: A Guide to Bouncers, Security and Registered Door Supervisors by Jamie O'Keefe when I'm done with Requiem for an Assassin. On Sunday night I was listening to 100.3 FM when I heard Susan Dermond, author of Calm and Compassionate Children, mention Christian Centering Prayer. I Googled Christian Centering Prayer and found this website. In the near future I want to read Open Mind, Open Heart by Thomas Keating.

I've been catching up on some of my favorite blogs and websites with Google Reader for the past couple of weeks. Blackfive had a good post about Good News from Iraq. He also posted about this article - Graying duo keep passenger in check. Click here to subscribe to Blackfive. Click here to subscribe to my blog.

Tonight at 6:30 PM my church, Calvary Chapel Salt Lake City, is having Church in the Park. We meet at Sugarhouse Park on the first Wednesday of every month from May through September (in July it's the second Wednesday because of July 4th) for a free BBQ, fellowship, worship, and a message. For a map and directions to Sugarhouse Park click here. If you live in Utah, you are invited to come. Bring your family and friends!