Tuesday, October 05, 2004

My new roommate

Last Thursday I moved in with my boy, Lam (his name is his initials, L.A.M.) in his house in S.L.C.. He's a good guy. Like Fate, Dissaster, and I, he is a Christian. He is in a group called Expression with Shnicka (she's beautiful and she can sing!) and his boys Jef (pronounced "Hef"), E.J., and Fleet. They usually perform with my boys, Fate and Dissaster, who I do Personal Protection for. I protect all of them when they perform together. They opened up for Jedi Mind Tricks this past Saturday at the Lo*Fi Cafe, an all ages concert venue in downtown S.L.C. He runs a recording studio out of the house. It's pretty tight. He charges $25/hour (2 hours minimum). A lot of local artists record there. If you want to book some recording time his phone # is (801) 604-1276. He also hosts an Underground Hip Hop show on KRCL Radio (90.9 FM) with DJ Knuckles called Friday Night Fallout. It airs on Friday nights (obviously) from 10:30 PM to 1:00 AM. I'm glad I've moved in with him.

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