Monday, October 18, 2004

Karaoke with 2 Live Crew

Last night Fate, Dissaster, Jamie ("Ms April" from the Hip Hop Hotties Calendar Search), and I hung out with 2 Live Crew at Gatorz in Midvale. They had karaoke there. Our friend Tiffany (of Redlight Music) had brought them to S.L.C. for a show this past Saturday. She invited us to hang out with them last night. I don't like their music because it is very degrading to women, but Fate & Dissaster got invited, so we went. The Chinaman (a.k.a Fresh Kid Ice) of 2 Live Crew "karaoked" "We Want Some P*ssy". We are hanging out with them again tonight at Shaggy's Living Room in downtown S.L.C.

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