Sunday, January 29, 2006

I Am a Christian

My dad was a missionary before I was born. He went to a Bible college in Little Falls, NY when I was an infant. I have been a Christian as long as I can remember. Although I don't have a memory of when I first became a Christian, I did accept Jesus as my savior on a couple of occasions (just to make sure) in my pre-teen years. My parents were divorced when I was three and I lived with my dad growing up. My dad took us to church {most of the time it was an Assembly of God (pentecostal) church; we also went to some charismatic non-denominational churches} off-and-on over the next 14 years. While visiting my mom (for a few weeks every summer) and while living with my mom (for the last half of my senior year), we went to Central Baptisit Church with her. So I guess you could say I was raised Pentebaptist. ;)

When I moved to Utah eight years ago, I did join the LDS church. The LDS church has a lot of the basic Christian beliefs that I believe in and the person that introduced me to the LDS church was a good person, so I got baptized into the LDS church. After being in the church for a few months I learned more about their beliefs and because I disagreed with them I quit attending the LDS church and considered myself to be a Christian but not LDS. This website talks about the major things I disagree with in the LDS church and explains why they are not true.

For the past 13 years I have not regularly attended church. This is something that will change when I get a car in two weeks. I don't read the bible very often (although this year I have made a commitment to read the entire bible) and I don't pray very regularly either (something else that will change this year). That having been said, I do treat people right most of the time. I am a very loving, helpful, and honest person and although I'm not perfect, I do believe that I treat people as a Christian should. I have accepted Jesus as my savior and I do believe the essential Christian doctrines, so I know that I am a Christian.

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Richard, James 4:14, Ecc. 12:13,14 said...

I was born in the east coast as well and moved to Utah in '95. I am currently going to a International Baptist College in Tempe, AZ. I am glad to see you are trying to be faithful to God. There is a good book, (very slim and precise), on "brokeness" before God. It is basically on how to have revival and be humble so the Spirit can lead your life. (or, probably better said, so you will follow where the Spirit has been leading). The book is called Calvary Road by Roy Hession. I have read it at least three times in the past three years.