Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Peaceful Warrior Available on DVD

One of my favorite movies, Peaceful Warrior, has been released on DVD today! I've seen Peaceful Warrior twice in theaters, once last year when it was given a limited release, and again this year when it was given a wide release. You can buy Peaceful Warrior on DVD by clicking here.

I interviewed with one of the owners of Bliss last Wednesday. He basically asked me to explain why I'm the man for the job. I told him about all the experience I have - over 10 years doing Security in night clubs and at concerts; doing Security for the Super Bowl, the Olympics, and Sundance; running Security at Vortex, Players, & Natalies. I told him that I am good at filtering out the troublemakers. I explained that my Security philosophy is to be aware of what is going on around me and prevent things from escalating before they get out of hand. I told him that I am trustworthy. I told him that I am a Christian. I told him that although I am not perfect, I am honest. I told him that my purpose in life is to protect people. After I was done "selling" myself I asked him what kind of pay they were going to offer me. He told me that he was going to talk to the other owners and they would let me know.

We got our liquor license approved today. We also passed the fire and building inspections. If they can pay me what I am worth, I will be signing a contract later this week or early next week. Yes, I am learning from my past experiences (like this one, this one, this one, and this one) and will be getting a contract. They will have to pay me more than I'm making at Teleperformance to get me to cut back to part time so I can work both jobs. I put in a schedule change request last Wednesday. I requested to only work on Mondays and Tuesdays from 3:30 PM until 12 AM starting the week of July 8th through July 14th because Voodoo's Unveiling Party is on Wednesday, July 11th. This would allow me to work at Voodoo on Wednesdays, Fridays, & Saturdays and have Sundays & Thursdays off. I found out today that I won't know if my schedule change request has been approved until the end of next week. I have heard that our benefits at Teleperformance, especially the dental benefits, are not very good. I want to work both jobs so I have something to fall back on if Voodoo doesn't work out but if they can't give me the schedule I want, and if I can get a good contract for Voodoo, I might just quit Teleperformance and work at Voodoo.

We are having another Job Fair for Bliss and Voodoo this Friday and Saturday from 12-4 PM. We have hired enough bartenders, barbacks, cocktail waitresses, and shot girls for Bliss but we are still accepting applications. I will still be interviewing people for positions at Voodoo, the 18+ part of Bliss that I will be managing. I need to hire Door Girls and Energy Bar Girls. The Door Girls will be collecting cover charge at the front door. The Energy Bar Girls will be selling energy drinks, soda, and bottled water at the Energy Bars. I want to hire a few of the guys that I interviewed last week for Security. I also want to rehire Dan, who worked the last night Vortex was open. I will interview some more guys for Security this weekend and then they will have go to a second interview with one of the owners early next week. We will have some training at the end of next week.

Speaking of Security, I have been reading Clublife, a blog by a bouncer in New York City, off and on for a few years now. While reading the Bouncer (doorman) Wikipedia article last week I came across another blog by a bouncer working at a night club in a holiday park complex in the UK. It's called A Dirty Job. The Bouncer article also links to two other bouncer websites, Door Network and Working the Doors. You can also check out the rest of my blog for the club life from my perspective.

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