Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Please Pray for Amber

Please pray for my cousin (she's my cousin, Christopher's sister-in-law), Amber. She got into a really bad car accident on Dec. 15th of last year. She was in a coma. On Dec. 27th, the top two neuro-surgeons in the northeast told her parents that her condition had deteriorated so much that they gave her a 0% chance of recovery; a 0% chance of ever coming out of the coma once the narcotics were lifted; and if she somehow did come out of the coma, a 0% chance of ever regaining any cognitive or physical control of her body. The damage to the brain stem and cortex were so severe that they termed her condition a "complete brain disconnect" - not even reflex response could be recovered (yawning, twitching to stimuli, etc.).

Well God has performed a miracle! Amber has come out of the coma and is aware of her surroundings. She recognizes her family and she is able to mouth words! Please pray that God continues to heal her to full recovery.

Also, please pray for this girl and her brother and mother. Her brother and mother are drug addicts. She is an atheist, but God cares about atheists too!

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