Monday, January 01, 2007

A Crazy Year

It's been quite a year. Last December I started working at Teleperformance doing Tech Support for TurboTax. At the beginning of the year I made two resolutions: 1. To read the Bible in 2006; 2. To exercise on a regular basis to get fit in 2006. I didn't stick to either very well but I did attend church fairly regularly. I'm currently volunteering for the Security & Information Desk ministries at Calvary Chapel.

On Feb 1st I found out that my cousin, Amber, got in a really bad car accident in December and was in a coma. The doctors gave her a 0% chance of recovery; a 0% chance of ever coming out of the coma once the narcotics were lifted; and if she somehow did come out of the coma, a 0% chance of ever regaining any cognitive or physical control of her body. Well, my God performed a miracle - she is now completely recovered!! She is driving a car and working a new job! Her story was aired on Christmas day on CBN's 700 Club. I recorded her story on my friend's DVR and watched it in the evening on Christmas day. You can read her story here.

On February 10th I bought my first car. I joined the Patriot Guard Riders on March 3rd. In the middle of March I was planned to go on a mission trip to Reynosa, Mexico but ended up not going. On April 18th I got transferred to the Clearwire project at Teleperformance. I got hired on part-time at The Depot on April 20th. I bought a Springfield Armory XD 45 on May 22nd. On May 29th I had the pleasure of meeting Yarah Bravo. I was fired from The Depot on June 2nd for no good reason. On June 7th I met a lady named Chere and ended up spending way too much money keeping her and her kids off of the street over the next two weeks and eventually found out that she had been lying to me.

In July I flew to Florida for surgery on my gums and shoulder. While I was down there I saw my dad for the first time in 9 years. I also quit working at Teleperformance and made the mistake of working for Phil for the last time. In August he did me a favor and fired me. In September I went to New York for my brother, Peter's wedding. When I got back I started working at Convergys doing Tech Support for DirecTV. I'm still working there. I also started working at the new Club Vortex (I quit working there a few weeks ago). Over the next 2 months I got in two car accidents. The second one totaled my car.

This year I want to improve my relationship with Jesus Christ. I also want to get in shape this year. Hopefully I'll be more committed to these goals this year than I was last year. I also want to get my concealed carry permit, my Armed Security License, and an Armed Security job. In a few months, when I am done paying off my totaled car, I am going to get another car. I pray that this year will be better than last year.

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