Thursday, November 30, 2006

Two Car Accidents in Two Months

About 10 weeks ago, 2 days after getting fired from Club Exchange, I rear-ended a girl while driving in downtown S.L.C. I didn't have insurance because money had been tight due to the whole situation with Chere. She wanted me to call the cops so I did. When the cop showed up she just had us both fill out a form with our information on it to give to the other person. About 2 months later I got a call from the collection agency for her insurance company and am making monthly payments to pay for the damage to her car.

6 weeks ago, on a Wednesday, I was working at the new Club Vortex when Josh, who used to be a bouncer at the old Club Vortex, came to the club. He mentioned that he was running Security at a new club called Club Shakeys on Thursdays. I told him to give me a call if he needed me. He called me the next night so I left Gamerzz in Taylorsville (my new online gaming hang-out - GoodGame closed down back in September) and headed out to the club located at 4105 W 5400 S. I had a hard time finding it so I pulled into the parking lot at the Mad Greek restaurant and called Josh to find out where it was. After he told me I pulled back out to go to the club. Before I pulled out to take a left turn I looked to the left and saw a red light and no cars. As I was pulling out I looked to my right and back to my left again. All of the sudden there was a car there and it hit me and spun my car around 180 degrees. I got out of my car and the driver of the other car got out of his car. We exchanged some words and then he called the cops.

When the cop got there I told him what happened. Then he talked to the other guy. Then someone who saw the other guy run the red light told the cop what happened. The cop asked him if he wanted to fill out a witness statement and he said no. He did give the cop his information though (I found this out after the witness and the other guy left when the cop told me about it). The cop cited me for Failure to Yield and gave me a warning for my expired Driver's License (it expired on my birthday, September 26th). The cop looked in his system and saw that I had insurance last they checked so I didn't get a ticket for that (but they later cited me for no insurance). After the tow truck came and towed my car away I went to work at Club Shakey's. After the adrenaline wore off my neck, ribs and back started hurting.

After a few days the pain hadn't got any better so on Monday I went to the E.R. That was a waste of time. They told me that I had whiplash, bruised ribs, and a sore back (I didn't need a doctor to tell me that). He gave me prescriptions for an antibiotic and a muscle relaxer but I decided just to deal with the pain. The pain is gone now but my neck is a little stiff. I need to resume my Combat Conditioning & Combat Abs routine that I was doing before the whole Chere thing to get loosened up and in better shape. I have to got to court on Jan 3rd for the Failure to Yield citation and the no insurance citation. My car is totalled. I have to pay another $2,050 on my loan (I've already paid $450 since the accident) and then the dealer will waive $1,500 of what I owe them and add the remaining $1,200 to another loan for another car.

I'm still working at Convergys. I went through 1 week of Technical Support training 2 and a half weeks ago so now I'm doing Tech Support and back-up Mainbank (which is the department I was in before - helping people with billing, programming, & basic troubleshooting). I'm still working at the new Club Vortex on Wednesdays. I've been going to church on a regular basis again and I'm still volunteering at the Information Desk.

I've read a few books lately. I read Gates of Fire by Steven Pressfield. Gates of Fire is the story of the 300 Spartans that fought the Persian army at Thermopylae. Frank Miller, author of the Sin City graphic novels and Co-Director of Sin City is making a movie based on his graphic novel about the Persian-Greco war called 300. I've also read Holy Terror by Richard Marcinko. I have read all of Marcinko's novels. This one was good but it wasn't as good as his others. I bought More Than a Carpenter by Josh McDowell for one of my co-workers at Convergys. I also bought myself a copy. It does a good job of explaining who Jesus is and backs it up with logical and historical proof. I recommend it as a witnessing tool and for Christians to back up their faith with facts. I'm currently reading A Gentleman's Game by Greg Rucka. I really liked his Atticus Kodiak series so I bought A Gentleman's Game which is the first novel in his Queen & Country series.

Over the past few months I've seen a few movies. I've seen Jet Li's Fearless. Fearless is the story of Huo Yuanjia, founder of the Jingwu Sports Federation. I give it an A+. I've also seen The Departed (B-), The Prestige (B+), and Deja Vu (A). Paula Patton, who starred in Deja Vu, is gorgeous! I'm planning to see The Nativity Story, Apocalypto, Blood Diamond, and The Pursuit of Happyness.

I renewed my subscription to Blockbuster Online back in October. I've watched the first season of Sleeper Cell (A), Akeelah and the Bee (A+), and United 93 (A). I'm currently watching watching Smallville: Season 5.

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