Saturday, December 09, 2006

Christian Crew Counter-Strike: Source

I've been playing Counter-Strike for a few years now, ever since I worked at GoodGame, an online gaming center in downtown Salt Lake City. I've been playing Counter-Strike: Source, the latest version of Counter-Strike, ever since it came out in October of 2004. I've had a problem with cursing for a long time now. As a Christian I strive to not curse and I tend to curse the most when playing Counter-Strike: Source. One of the ways that I thought I could cut back on my cursing is to play on a Christian Counter-Strike: Source server where cursing is not allowed. I also wanted to play my favorite game with my brothers and sisters in Christ.

A couple of months ago, when I started going to Gamerzz in Taylorsville, I found the Christian Crew's Counter-Strike: Source servers. They have several different types of Counter-Strike: Source servers: a regular server - The Fish [BIG], a custom map server - The Fish [Custom], two GunGame servers - The Fish [GunGame] & The Fish [GunGame2], an AWP (sniper rifle) server - The Fish [AWP], a Zombie server - The Fish [Zombie], a Deathmatch server - The Fish [Deathmatch], a Surf-Deathmatch server - The Fish [Surf-DM], and a beginner server - The Fish [Beginner]. They also have two Half-Life 2: Deathmatch servers: a SourceForts server - The Fish [SourceForts], and a regular Half-Life 2: Deathmatch server - The Fish [HL2DM]. I play on The Fish [BIG] most of the time. Every once in a while I'll play on The Fish [GunGame] or The Fish [GunGame2].

Shortly after I started playing on The Fish servers I applied to be a member of the Christian Crew clan. Members of the Christian Crew clan have the Christian Crew tag (it is the fish symbol <>< with the letters "CC" in the middle of it*) in front of their online name. In front of my online name, Guardian Spirit, I was allowed to put the tag for a Christian Crew applicant which has an "A" in place of the "CC" in the Christian Crew tag. After playing for about 1 month I was promoted to probationary status. Instead of the applicant tag, I now have a probationary tag which has a "P" in place of the "CC" in the Christian Crew tag. In a few months I will (God willing) be a full fledged Christian Crew clan member and will have the Christian Crew tag. I thank God for the Christian Crew!

*I tried to type out the Christian Crew tag but it looks like html code so I was unable to show it without messing up this blog post. To see what the Christian Crew tag looks like go to their website -

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