Saturday, April 22, 2006

The Depot

On Wednesday I went to my 3rd interview for Security at The Depot. The interview was supposed to be with Mark, the General Manager. When I got there Scott, the Assistant Manager, came down and told me that he would be interviewing me because Mark was "moving on". Since Scott was the one that did my first interview, the interview was a short one. He told me that Sean had interviewed more than 20 people and they were only going to hire 6. He told me that they were going to make a decision by Thursday because they wanted the people they hired to work this weekend.

Yesterday I called Sean and asked him if they had decided who they were going to hire. He told me that they had and that they wanted to offer me a job. He wanted me to start tonight, but when I told him I had to work at Teleperformance until 11:30, he told me to come in at 6 on Saturday to work the Editors & Stellastarr show. I'll also be working the Roger Clyne & The Peacemakers show on Sunday.

My regular schedule for Clearwire, which starts the week after next, will be a graveyard shift Sunday through Wednesday. Since most of the shows at The Depot are on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, I will be able to work most of the shows. Since I will be working on Wednesdays after training, this Wednesday will be my last regularly scheduled day working at Vortex. After I get off of work tonight, I will be going to work the Jon B. show at Vortex.

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