Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Pocket Power

In a comment on my post about my mission trip to Reynosa, Mexico, Richard told me about is The Pocket Testament League's website. The Pocket Testament League is a small non-profit organization whose purpose is to provide the gospel of John to individuals free of charge (there is a small shipping & handling fee) to help them witness to people. In addition to several English versions of the Bible, they also have Chinese-English and Spanish translations. On my next payday I am going to order some of the "Finding Your Way" gospels of John. In June I will be ordering some of the Spanish gospels of John to take with me on my mission trip. Membership is free. Click here to sign up today.

Last Wednesday I got hired at Club Vortex. Club Vortex is one of Utah's few 18+/21+ night clubs. I will be working as a Bouncer there every Wednesday. Wednesday is their busiest night because it is Ladies' Night (ladies get in free all night long). I will also be working any special events they have. I had talked to Gary, the Head of Security, about getting hired on there back in January, but he didn't hire me. Gary ran Security at Club Shakers, the first night club I worked at 9 years ago. I have been going there almost every Wednesday for the past few months. When fights have broken out, I have helped break them up. I have also been keeping an eye on the waitresses and go-go dancers there, helping them through the crowd and making sure no one bothers them. Grant, the owner of Club Vortex, has noticed this and put me on the payroll last week. So basically I am working directly for Grant. I enjoy protecting people so I am glad that I am working as a Bouncer again.

I've added a link to Jim's blog, Psalm 145:11-12, under Brothers & Sisters in Christ (Christians) in the Blogs section in the sidebar on the right.

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