Monday, March 06, 2006

Furey's List of Required Subjects

Here is an excerpt from a recent post on Matt Furey's blog, titled What to Study if You Want to be Successful:

In a recent discussion with some friends, I told them about some of the ridiculous drivel that Frank's kindergarten teacher (Frank is Matt's son) has tried to dump his way. And during that discussion I mapped out a list of the truly important subjects that a person, of any age, should study if he wants to succeed in life. As you look at this list of subjects, take note of how many you do or do NOT know. Or better yet, think of the failures you know - and consider how little they know from this list.

Furey's List of Required Subjects to Study for Life-long Success
  • Physical Exercise - don't take care of your machine and it falls apart - not intelligent if you ask me (I exercise, but not regularly. I have not been sticking to my Physical Goal for 2006. I need to stick to it.)
  • Wrestling or some other form of Martial Arts - not my advice; this comes from Plato, Aristotle, Socrates and so on. (I know some basics, but I want to learn more.)
  • Meditation/Deep Breathing - imagine that, learning to relax (Deep Breathing is incorporated into Matt Furey's Combat Conditioning and Combat Abs exercises. If I start doing these exercises regularly, I will benefit from the relaxing aspect of these exercises.)
  • Reading - how many people today who can read - ever DO read? (I do read, but it wouldn't hurt to read a little more.)
  • Writing - not being able to write a simple letter is pretty sad (You're reading my blog, so I obviously do write.)
  • Speaking in Public - should not be biggest fear of mankind - tis easy if you simply get up and do it. (I frequently have to communicate with large groups of people in my Security work. Would like to learn more about this subject.)
  • Anatomy/Biology - you oughta know how your machine works (Wouldn't hurt to know more about this subject.)
  • Basic Math - especially what I call "money math" (I am very good at math.)
  • History - those who don't know the past are doomed to repeat it (Not my favorite subject, but I do agree that it is an important subject.)
  • Computers - sort of a no-brainer these days (I know a lot about computers and want to learn more.)
  • Goal Setting - not taught in schools - but mega important (Definitely something I need to learn more about.)
  • Time Management - once again, not taught (Another thing I definitely need to learn more about.)
  • Positive Attitude - most teachers need this one (Working on this one.)
  • Marketing/Selling - nothing happens in a business until something is sold (I am going to be starting a Promotions business this year.)
  • Relationship development - How to get along with others - not a bad idea, eh? (I've made some new friends this year, and have been putting less energy into relationships that are not helping me become a better person.)

Bear in mind that these subjects are the basics. If you want to be a lawyer, doctor, dentist or accountant, you'll need more than the above - but to become a successful human being - these pretty much summarize the necessities.

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