Monday, March 20, 2006

Brigham City Outreach

Yesterday over 150 people from my church, Calvary Chapel Salt Lake City, and I went to Brigham City to distribute 10,000 "The Bible vs. The Book of Mormon" DVDs to homes in Brigham City. While riding in one of the two charter busses that Calvary Chapel had rented to get up there and back, I got to know Jim Harris, one of the Assistant Pastors, a little bit better. When we got to Brigham City, Jim and I helped Living Hope Ministries organize the outreach. After everyone had been sent out on their routes, Jim and I went out and did our route. After everyone was done, we rode the bus back to Calvary Chapel. Then I gave Jim and his daughter a ride home.

Jim is also the Bikers for Chist Salt Lake City chapter elder. Under LINKS in the sidebar on the right, I have created a new category, Biker Links. In this category I have added links for Bikers for Christ Salt Lake City, Bikers for Christ, Road to Freedom (another Christian biker ministry), B.A.C.A. (Bikers Against Child Abuse), Patriot Guard Riders, Utah Rider Education, and the Motorcycle Safety Foundation.

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