Friday, April 07, 2006

Sean Paul @ Harry O's

Last night Theorian and I went to the Sean Paul concert at Harry O's. Theorian knows the promoter and I know the owner (although it took him a minute to recognize me ) so we both got in free. D.J. Brisk opened up for Sean Paul. He is a good D.J.

While we were out in the crowd, as I was protecting Theorian (I do Personal Security for him), a lady behind me to the right (I think her name was Rebecca) asked me for help because some ladies behind her were acting like they were the only people in the club (they were dancing into this lady and her friend). I asked them to respect the people around them. They gave me some attitude so I signalled one of the Bouncers (with my Surefire 6P flashlight) to come straighten them out. He came over and told them to chill. They quit dancing into Rebecca and her friend. Rebecca told me that they were talking about me. I told her that I wasn't worried about that, I was just worried about them retaliating against her.

Soon after dealing with those ladies, a drunk lady came into the crowd and was about to get into a fight because she was falling into/pushing people. I escorted her and her boyfriend/friend out of the crowd and told them to stay out of the crowd. A little while later they came back in. I escorted them out of the crowd again and then signalled a Bouncer and asked him to remove them from the club.

A few minutes later some ladies in front of me asked me for help because a heavy lady in front of them was throwing her weight around. I let them stand behind me to the left and asked the heavy lady to respect those around her. She said O.K. Then some guy pushed his way in from the left and was pushing some ladies that were in front of Theorian and me. I put him behind me.

After Sean Paul came out Rebecca told me that she had some gum in her hair. I am sure the inconsiderate ladies that had been bothering her earlier did this to her (they were no longer near her). I helped her friend get the gum out of Rebecca's hair.

Around midnight Theorian thought Sean Paul's set was almost over so we moved over to the backstage entrance. Joe, who works at Vortex with me, was working the backstage entrance. We hung out over there until the show was over. While we were over there I helped Joe control access to backstage. After the show was over, Theorian went down into the V.I.P. area but did not get a chance to talk to Sean Paul because he was busy with some groupies. Theorian is going back home to Vegas today. It was good seeing him.

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