Tuesday, April 18, 2006


Today I started training for Clearwire Tech Support. Susan, who was the Head Supervisor for TurboTax, is filling in for our regular trainer, Paris. I'll be working 3-11:30 P.M. M-F until April 28th.

Last Monday Sean, the new Security Director at The Depot, called me to schedule a 2nd interview on Tuesday. Today he called me to schedule my 3rd interview for tomorrow with the General Manager, Mark. I want to work there, but I don't know if my schedule after training will allow me to.

On Sunday I volunteered for Security for Calvary Chapel S.L.C.'s Easter at the "E". We had a huge resurrection Sunday church service at the E Center. I secured the Sunday school area. I did crowd control for the check-in, stood guard at the Sunday School area during the service, and then made sure that only parents came into the Sunday School area during check-out (they had claim tickets for their chilldren). After I was done at the E Center, I went home and took a nap. Then I went to work until 10 P.M. I worked from 9 A.M. on Monday until 1 A.M. on Tuesday because it was the last day of the tax season. I am glad that the TurboTax project is over!

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Pete said...

Glad to hear your sticking with your job at Teleperformance. I think your best bet is to stick this job out for at lest two years. You will build good experience and it looks great on your resume to have some stability!