Thursday, June 01, 2006

Yarah Bravo

On Tuesday night One Self performed at The Depot. This was definitely my favorite show at The Depot so far. I especially enjoyed seeing Yarah Bravo perform. In addition to being very beautiful and talented, she enjoys what she does and it shows! Before the show I showed her to her dressing room. Later on, before the doors opened, I asked her if she needed something to drink because she was on the stage working on her laptop. She said that she only drank juice and water so I took a break, went to Barnes & Noble next to The Depot, and bought her some Elliot's Amazing all natural juice. She really appreciated that. Before going on stage she told me that she really liked my vibes and said that I was different from other Security guys. She sang directly to me a couple of times during her performance (since I was securing the stage). She gave me a hug at the end of the night. I'm looking forward to seeing her again the next time they're on tour. It would be really cool if I was her bodyguard someday.

On Friday I saw
X-Men: The Last Stand with my boss from The Depot, Sean, and his wife. I give it a B-. It had some cool special effects and action scenes, but the story was not very good. According to some reviews that I've read on the internet, the writer of this movie strayed far from the comic book story line. Peaceful Warrior has a limited release in select theaters on Friday. Still no word on when it will be released in Salt Lake City. I'm looking forward to seeing District B13 on June 30th at the Broadway Centre Cinemas. District B13 is directed by Pierre Morel, who was the Director of Photography for Transporter 2 and Unleashed. This movie incorporates martial arts and Parkour for some awesome action scenes. Parkour is the art of moving through your environment using only your body and the surroundings to propel yourself. Check out the official Parkour site and the American Parkour site for more info. The Utah Parkour site is

Barry Eisler's new book, The Last Assassin, hits bookstores today! I really enjoyed the other John Rain books - Rain Fall, Hard Rain, Rain Storm, and Killing Rain. After I finish reading the Peaceful Warrior series, I'll read The Last Assassin. I'm also looking forward to reading Richard Marcinko's new book, Holy Terror, which will be released on July 4th.

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