Thursday, August 25, 2005

The Fight That I Lost

While doing Night Club Security ("Bouncer") and Personal Protection ("Bodyguard") work for the past 9 years, I have been in many fights and I have had to remove many people from clubs. There is only one fight that I would say I have lost. It was against 5 guys.

I had met one of the individuals who attacked me while working Security for Phil when he was a promoter for Banana Joe's on Tuesday nights. A lady that I knew was at Banana Joe's. She came and told me that this guy (I'll call him "Grabby") had grabbed her and wouldn't get off of her until another customer, I think it was his cousin, pulled him off of her. I was angry at him for doing this, and was tempted to "punish" him (beat him up), but I knew that I had to be a "professional" and just tell him to leave the club. I told him to leave and he argued but he still left.

When she was leaving I walked her to her car. Grabby was outside with his cousin. As I was walking her to car, Grabby started "talking trash" to me. Instead of letting him escalate the situation (although I was tempted to do just that) I told him to go home. His cousin, knowing who I was, convinced him that it was in his best interest to do so.

A week or two later, I was working for Phil at another club he was a promoter for, Club Axis, on a Saturday night. Grabby got kicked out of there too. Later that night I was working Security for an after-hours spot in S.L.C. called Cello's. Grabby and a friend (I'll call him "Wanksta") showed up. I told them they weren't allowed to come in. A little bit later Theory (a.k.a. Dissaster) and Fate, who I did Personal Security for when they did their hip hop shows, came down to hang out. They spent most of the night hanging out in front of Cello's.

About an hour after Cello's had been open, Theory told me that someone was harrassing him because he was wearing red. This guy (I'll call him "Insecure") was implying that Theory was a "Blood" (that's a gang whose members wear red clothing - they are enemies of the Crypts, who wear blue clothing). I walked over to Insecure and told him that Theory wasn't invloved in any gangs and wasn't looking for trouble so he shouldn't be either. He told me that it was "all good"and that he was "just playin".

At the end of the night, as Cello's was closing, Theory called me over to where Fate and him were standing. Insecure and two of his friends (I'll call them "Lemming 1" and "Lemming 2") were trying to provoke Theory and Fate into fighting them. While I was de-escalating the situation, Luis, one of the owners of Cello's came over to help. Grabby ran up out of nowhere, and shoved Luis over a table. I tackled Grabby and then got up. Insecure was attacking Luis. I ran up and pushed him back. Then Grabby, Wanksta, Insecure, Lemming 1, and Lemming 2 surrounded me and knocked me down to my knees. I protected myself the best I could, but I took several kicks to the head, arms (I was trying to protect my head), ribs, and butt. Then they ran off.

I got up (I was down but not out) and Luis and I chased after Grabby and Wanksta. They had a good head start on us and they got away. While we were chasing Grabby and Wanksta, the other three, Insecure, Lemming 1, and Lemming 2, got in their car and drove away. Marcello, the other owner of Cello's, had seen what happened and chased after them in his car. He called the police and followed them until the police caught them. Marcello called us and we went over there to talk to the police. All the police did was search their car and give them a ticket for an open bottle of alcohol that they had in their car. Then they let them go. I wasn't too happy that they let them go but there wasn't anything I could do about it. I had a few knots on my head and my ribs and butt were sore for a few days, but I didn't need to go to the hospital and I still worked Security for Phil three days later at Banana Joe's. The most important thing is that Theory & Fate didn't get touched.

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