Sunday, August 28, 2005

I've Got A Lot To Learn

Yesterday I went to the Open Sparring session at Complete Fitness Concepts again. I warmed up by sparring with a new guy who had no martial arts training. He wasn't much of a challenge. Then Duke, who is one of the Apprentice Instructors, taught me some stuff while we were sparring. He spent so much time training me that he lost out on 20 minutes of his Private Lesson with Dan. I really appreciated him taking that extra time to teach me. Duke is a former Marine that has studied martials for ten years. He is very good at sparring and he is also a very good trainer. I learned a lot from him.

Something that I realized while learning from Duke yesterday was that although I may be able to handle the average guy in a bar, I've got a lot to learn about fighting a trained fighter. Dan and Duke are both very good trainers. I'm very glad that I have begun training at Complete Fitness Concepts.

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