Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Caffeine is Bad for You

In a recent newsletter from Sean Furey, Matt Furey's brother, he
quoted the following excerpt from a book titled Caffeine Blues:
“If all you wanted to do was make money, how would you
design the perfect product? Well,
it would be incredibly
cheap to make, and the market would be enormous: basically
woman, and child. It would be consumable,
something people would buy every day. But to be
the perfect
product, it would have to be addictive. People would crave
the product for its effect
but, more importantly, they
would suffer if they did not buy it. Importantly, this
would be firmly established by age seven or eight,
for maximum lifelong consumption.”

In the forward to this book Dr. Jesse Lynn Hanley says:

“Caffeine is clearly addictive, completely unregulated,
and its presence in our foods and
beverages is often hidden.
The drug…(let me repeat that)…the drug…contributes to
panic attacks, hypoglycemia, gastritis,
fatigue, insomnia, and PMS, to name a few. Some people
so sensitive to caffeine that they don’t realize a fruit
drink with hidden caffeine can cause
their symptoms.”

I don't drink coffee. I used to drink soda a lot (there was
a fridge full of it sitting behind me when I worked at
GoodGame). I plan on only drinking soda a maximium of once
per week if at all. I also plan to drink more water. I
think this will make me more healthy.

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Pete said...

Yeah I agree. Soda is very bad for your teeth as well. I drink a can of soda maybe once a week or so. I find my beverage of choice to be water almost any time of day.

We don't let Valerie drink soda unless it's a speical occasion such as birthday's.