Monday, August 15, 2005

Diet Sodas and Sport Drinks are Bad for You

In a recent newsletter from Matt Furey, he quoted an article at that talked about a study showing that people who drink diet soda gain weight. You should go read the article now.

In another recent newsletter Sean Furey, Matt Furey's brother, tells us that the artificial sweeteners in diet soda are bad for you too. Here is an excerpt from that newsletter:

The chemicals contained in Diet Soda are a powerful contributor in the fat focker epidemic. In addition to stimulating your appetite, increasing your carbohydrate cravings, and facilitating fat storage and weight gain, artificial sweeteners like aspartame (NutraSweet) and sucralose (Splenda) contain a Pandora 's Box of other goodies.

No Splenda advertisement will ever tell you that chemists add three chlorine molecules to sugar molecules to create the final product. No Splenda ad will say that there product could:

  • Screw up insulin regulation.
  • Shrink the thymus gland.
  • Enlarge your liver and kidneys.
  • Reduce your growth rate.
  • Give you diarrhea.
  • Reduce your red cell count.
When you see all the ads for Diet Soda, none of them will say that aspartame can trigger or worsen:

Brain Tumors...Multiple Sclerosis...Epilepsy...Chronic Fatigue Syndrome...Parkinson's disease...Alzheimer's...Mental Retardation...Lymphoma...Birth defects Fibromyalgia...Diabetes.

Just keep these things in mind when you stop at the local 7-11, grocery store, or restaurant, and want something to drink.

If you want to lose wait, I recommend drinking a lot of water and purchasing The Furey Fat Loss System.

God has blessed me with a high metabolism and I don't like diet soda anyway. However, I have quit drinking Gatorade. Gatorade (and other sport drinks including Powerade and Propel) also have the toxic artificial sweeteners, aspartame and sucralose. So don't drink diet sodas or sport drinks.

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