Thursday, November 25, 2004

Working the U92 Turkey Jam @ Club Utopia

Last night Gil Medina had me do Security for the U92 Turkey Jam at Club Utopia. NB Ridaz and TQ performed at the Turkey Jam. I was working the 21 and up door. There were no major incidents at the door or inside of the club. However there was a sexual assault (attempted rape) outside of the club. I heard about it from the Bouncers at the club. The cops caught the guy. He was the father of the victim's baby (he was her "baby's daddy"). This low-life ripped her pants off of her. She was able to get away and get to the Security that was doing searches outside of the club before he could rape her. The cops were called and they spent about an hour talking to the victim (I'll call her "Sue").

After I got off work (Gil let us off around 12:30 A.M.) Mikey, one of the bouncers there, walked outside with Sue. She was trying to call her friend (I'll call her "Mary") so she could take Mary and her boyfriend home. Mary didn't answer her phone. Mikey asked me if I would keep an eye on her. I said "Sure". I asked Sue if she wanted to go inside and look for Mary. She said "Yes". I took her inside but we couldn't find her. When we went back to the door Sue called Mary again. This time Mary answered the phone. Sue couldn't hear her very well but she thought she said that she was outside. When we went outside, the Security that had been doing the searches outside was between Mary and her boyfriend. I found out later that Mary's boyfriend (I'll call him "Asshole") had been beating her up and Security broke it up. When I got out there I thought they were just arguing. I walked up to Asshole and discreetly told him, "Her friend just got raped, so you need to relax." He didn't realx. He kept being an asshole. I told Sue "You're driving so who do you want to come with you?" She told me that she wanted Mary to come with her, but not Asshole. I said "O.K., let's go". One of the Security guys, Josh (I used to work with him when I worked for C.S.C.) and I started walking Sue and Mary to Sue's car. Asshole kept yelling at Mary. I was walking with Sue and Mary to my right and Asshole to my left. Asshole started moving towards them as we were walking to Sue's car. I put my hand on his side to keep him from getting too close to Sue and Mary. He said "Don't touch me." I said, "Then stay away from them". He tried to grab Mary's wrist and I pushed him back. He moved towards me and Josh grabbed him and pushed him away. We told him to walk away. Instead of walking away, he started walking towards Sue's car. Josh and I grabbed him. He didn't want to go down easy, so I lifted him off the ground and put him down on the ground. I put my knee on his back and told him not to move. He tried to get up but I didn't let him. Josh called some nearby cops over. When they got close, we explained what happened. Sue and Mary had got in Sue's car by now. One cop talked to them while the other talked to Asshole. They ended up letting him go. After talking to Sue and Mary, I found out that Asshole had beat on Mary and the cops had been called a few times before. I gave them both my business card and told them to call me if they needed to. The sad part is that Mary will probably go right back to Asshole. I hope she doesn't but she probably will find a way to justify his abusive nature and keep getting abused. This pisses me off!

There are a lot of these assholes that keep getting away with beating on women. These women either justify their boyfriend/husband's actions or they think that they somehow deserve it so they keep getting abused. I always offer to help, but they rarely ask for my help. It's so frustrating!

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