Sunday, November 28, 2004

War Means Fighting, and Fighting Means Killing

The following is from an email newsletter sent to me by Tim Larkin, creator of Target-Focus Training:
"War means fighting, and fighting means killing"

-Lt. General Nathan Beford Forrest

I thought after 9/11 our country was finally back on
track when it came to fighting a war. But now I've
realized I was sadly mistaken.

Recently, the 24-hour news networks were very busy
broadcasting (repeatedly) video footage of some
Marines clearing a room in a house in Fallujah, Iraq.

Apparently one Marine (who had been shot in the face
the day before and still stayed on the job!) felt that
2 of the seemingly dead bodies in that room may have
moved or the bodies were booby-trapped. Rather than
have the other Marines risk their lives to investigate
he shot both of the bodies to insure they were dead.

Feigning death and human booby traps were tactics he
had seen the enemy use just the day before to kill
marines as they cleared rooms in the very viscous
house-to-house combat the Fallujah operation proved to

This marine's combat action caused uproar in the US as
TV 'talking heads' wondered out loud if the Marine
should be brought up on war crime charges. Currently
this Marine is in limbo as the powers that be decide
how to handle this situation. He may actually have to
face a military trial on the incident!

Whether you back the war or not, our soldiers face a
committed enemy who is willing to do whatever it takes
to further their cause. Beheadings of men and women
civilians/journalists is standard as is assassinations
of politicians and military personnel.

Their commitment to their cause is total and even the
wounded will booby-trap themselves just to kill a
couple more soldiers 'for the cause'. Against such an
enemy you cannot afford to respond with a litigious,
law enforcement mentality.

We cannot win by trying to 'arrest' the enemy. The
cold, hard fact is that we must KILL the enemy in
large enough numbers to break the back of the
insurgents. It is politically incorrect to point such
facts out but that, quite frankly, is the nature of

But this mentality is not just dangerous to soldiers
on the battlefields of the Middle East. The same
applies to you.

You cannot afford such a litigious mentality when
faced with asocial violence. You must respond by
injuring the other guy... and doing it now. You cannot
block your way to safety just as the military can't
use law enforcement guidelines to defeat a 'kill or be
killed' enemy.

I don't advocate responding to anti-social behavior
with violence nor do I believe violence will solve our
social or political problems. But whether it is a
soldier facing a committed, fanatical enemy or you
facing an asocial recidivist criminal, the only
response that will get the job done is to use the tool
of violence.

That's why you must ask yourself... right now, 'Do I
really know how to use the tool of violence?' You
simply can't wait to ask it when asocial violence is
imminent. By then the stakes are far too high.

Until next time, from all of us here at the TFT Group
and Target-Focus Training, I'd like to wish you and
your family the safest of holiday seasons.

Tim Larkin
Target-Focus(TM) Training

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