Monday, May 15, 2006

Security Team at The Depot

We have a good Security Team at The Depot. The Security Team consists of Sean, John, "Irish", Danny, Nate, Tom, Domani, and me. Sean is the Security Director. He has a lot of experience in the Security and Hospitality industries. John (a.k.a. "Obi-Wan") and I were the first to be hired for Security at The Depot. Sean (a.k.a. "Irish") is 300+ lbs of muscle. Unlike a lot of big guys that do Security, he actually works instead of having the "I'm here because I'm big so I don't have to work" attitude. Danny (a.k.a. "English") is in the military. He blows stuff up. Nate used to be in the Navy. He's a talkative guy. Tom is a nice guy. Domani is a friend of one of my best friends, John. She is from John's hometown in Pennsylvania. We had heard about each other from John, but had never met each other. I am glad that she is on our team.

We have four shows at The Depot this week. Roy Rogers & The Delta Rythym Kings will be performing on Wednesday and Thursday. Roy Rogers is a northern California-based blues guitarist. He was a member of John Lee Hooker's Coast to Coast Blues Band in the 80's. Ides of Soul will be the opening band on Wednesday. The Legendary Porch Pounders will be the opening band on Thursday. Georgian country singer Billy Currington will be performing on Friday. On Saturday KBER 101 presents the Salt Lake Soundcheck featuring Super So Far, Thunderfist, and Invisible Rays. The cover charge is only $1.01 for this show (membership is required; a two-week membership is only $5; you can sponsor up to 6 people).

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