Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Working at Players Again

I worked (Security, of course) at Players on Friday & Saturday. Some things have changed. Some of the Security that was there before, like Derett, Martell, and Tiffany, are no longer there. Bags, the old Security Lead, and Mike, one of the Managers, have left. Ryan and Brandy are Managers now. Steve is the new Security Lead. Brandon and Tyler have come back (Tyler quit shortly before I went to Vegas). John ("Big John") is working with us now. Scott, who used to work with me at the Sky Bar, is also working with us. So, basically we have a better Security Lead and a better Security Team.

Friday night Brandon and another bouncer worked the front door and I roamed inside for the first half of the night. Halfway through the night I took over at the front door and Brandon came inside. I was and another bouncer, Paul, was doing pat-downs. He wasn't doing a very good job of searching people. I gave him a little bit of advice but he didn't listen. Throughout the night Brandon kept making remarks to let me know that he still didn't like me. I ignored him. At 1:00 A.M. we shut the front door and I went inside.

Stevo, an off-duty bouncer, and Graham, an ex-bouncer were both in the club that night. Around 1:30, Steve came and told me that there might be a problem outside with Stevo and Graham. I told him to get John. John, another bouncer, and I saw Graham and Stevo chasing after a black guy. A lady who was outside said that Graham had called this black guy a n*gger. John, the other bouncer, and I told Graham and Stevo to quit following the black guy and told the black guy to keep walking. Stevo, Graham, and one of Graham's friends started getting confrontational with us. John is 6'6" tall and over 250 lbs. of pure muscle. His presence definitely helped prevent things from escalating. Brandon came out to help. I was telling Graham to chill and Brandon told me to be quiet and go inside or me and him were "going to have a problem". Steve overheard him and told me to go inside. I went inside and cleared the club because we were closing. After I cleared the club, I came back outside. Stevo had left and John and Graham were talking. They ended up making peace.

After we cleaned up the trash in the parking lot, Steve pulled Brandon and I to the side to tell us that we needed to get along if we were going to work together. I told Steve that I didn't have a problem with Brandon. Brandon told Steve that he didn't like me and din't wnt to work with me because I am a snitch and I don't "have his back" (see A Bad Night for his reason for disliking me). Phil called me to the back so I left Brandon and Steve to continue talking. On Saturday I asked Steve what Brandon had decided. Steve said that he was just going to keep us seperated - we would take turns working the front door and inside.

Saturday night, I roamed around inside at first. Then I worked the door with Scott. Towards the end of the night, Phil pulled me inside to deal with a situation. The situation was that a Polynesian lady who was in the club had threatened to kill Brittany, one of our shot girls (she is so gorgeous and sweet), a while back.. This lady was there with several other Polynesians. I found Brittany and asked her where the group of Polynesians was. She discreetly told me where they were. As I was going to get Steve and a few other bouncers to tell this group to leave, a fight broke out. I later found out that a black guy had hit a lady that was there with Gary Gomez and his friends. Gary and his friends started beating him up. As I approached the fight, some of our bouncers were dragging Gary and some of his friends outside. I helped two other bouncers that were having trouble removing one of Gary's friends. Then another bouncer pushed another one of Gary's friends into the corner by the door. I grabbed him and pushed him out the door. Then I went back inside to make sure that all the combatants were outside. They were. I went back outside and helped the other bouncers prevent Gary and his friends from beating that guy up outside. After the black guy got away we told Gary's group to go home. They eventually did.

When we went back inside I told Brandon and another bouncer about the situation with the Polynesians. We approached them and told them that we needed them to come outside and talk to us. They came outside and we told them that management had said that they had been causing problems and that they neeeded to leave and not come back. The lady that had threatened Brittany said that she knew that it was because of Brittany. We didn't confirm or deny that, we just told them to leave. They left without incident. The rest of the night was mellow.

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