Sunday, September 11, 2005

Alan Jackson & Marc Anthony

On Friday I worked Security for the Alan Jackson concert at Nissan Pavilion. I did searches at the gates. I confiscated 6 cans of beer and found about 15 knives. They had to take the knives back to their cars. A few people decided to throw them away rather than take them back to the car. A few of them complained that I made them take knives with 1-2" blades back to their car. People don't realize that a 1" blade in the carotid artery can kill you. The night was uneventful for me.

On Saturday I worked Security for Marc Anthony concert at Nissan Pavilion. At first I was going to work "the house", which is the reserved seating area in front of the stage. There is a lawn up above the house. Before the show started they pulled me to work backstage. I was working the back door that led to stage right in between the stage and the production offices.

The highlight of my night was when Jennifer Lopez, who is married to Marc Anthony, walked by me as she was being escorted by her bodyguards to her seat on the right side of the stage. It was cool seeing her enjoy the show. During the last song of the night, a lady got up on stage from the right side and rushed towards Marc Anthony. I was dealing with the stage hands who were showing up for the load-out when it happened. One of the bodyguards grabbed her. I met him halfway from the front of the stage and escorted her out of the backstage area. I gave her to two of my supervisors who took her back to the police trailer to be ejected and trespassed.

Shortly after that girl came up from the front of the stage, another lady, who was a "V.I.P." for that show that was hanging out on stage left, ran out and grabbed Chayanne, one of the other artists. The bodyguards pulled her off and gave her to the guy working Security on that side. She was also ejected and trespassed. After that last was over, Jennifer Lopez was escorted off stage through the door that I was responsible for. There were some stage hands in the way so I moved them out of the way. I'll be working the Coldplay concert at Nissan Pavilion on September 30th.

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