Sunday, November 13, 2005

Brian's List

In a recent newsletter from Tim Larkin, creator of Target Focus Training, he shared the following list of things that his friend Brian learned from TFT:

Brian's List
  • Aim small, miss small
  • Strike the first thing that moves
  • Don't use violence to solve social situations
  • Understand the difference between life or death confrontations and social violence
  • Always focus on striking targets
  • Principle based systems are superior to technique based systems
  • Never quit until the other guy is non-functional
  • Always assume multiple persons in a violent confrontation
  • Close distance - step through the other guy
  • Always strike never block
  • Have a first strike mentality - don't hesitate
  • Become a sociopath in a life or death confrontation - maim, cripple or kill
  • Use kinetic versus static force
  • Always have a center line focus - don't look at the face, it will deceive you
  • To be in cause state you must continually cause effects in the other guy(s)
  • Never get in the middle of a group in a multi person violent confrontation - choose a side
  • Your only weapon is your brain everything else is a tool
  • In violence never focus on the other guys tools (gun, knife, or club) focus on taking out his weapon (brain) - simply taking away the tools and leaving the other guy functional may cost you your life.
  • Walk away from ego based confrontations - there is no threat
  • If you can use social skills to avoid violence do so, but if it is asocial then there is only one option - violence
  • You do what you train - make sure you train for the real world
  • Occasionally take away dominate side during training - it'll make you a more complete fighter
  • Become a 360 degree fighter NOT a 'one quadrant' fighter
  • Give good reactions to your partner
  • Don't try to 'teach someone a lesson or you may get schooled'
  • Always ask yourself "what is available to me" NOT "what is being done to me?"
  • Violence is not give and take - it should be over in 3-5 seconds
  • Speed does NOT equal power
  • There are no rules in violence - remove any such boundaries or you will suffer the consequences
  • Be brilliant at the basics (do your leg dynamics)
  • Don't ever posture with violence
  • Feign weakness to gain an unfair advantage
  • Don't mimic your opponent - do the unexpected
  • 2 inches of penetration is better than 20 slashes with a knife
  • Never square off with the other guy - strike when he isn't aware or doesn't expect it
You should definitely check out Target Focus Training and sign up for Tim Larkin's newsletter.

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