Saturday, June 25, 2005

Chingy @ Club Manhattan

Last night I went to the Chingy concert @ Club Manhattan. It was O.K. The turnout wasn't very good. When they had the Snoop Dogg After Party there Snoop Dogg didn't show up even though he had been paid in advance. This hurt Club Manhattan's reputation because a lot of people felt like they had been "ripped off". They paid $20 for regular admission and $35 for V.I.P. admission and then Snoop Dogg didn't even show up. Hopefully when people spread the word that Chingy showed up and performed that will help their reputation. Their reputation has also been hurt by the big fights they used to have there. They haven't had any big fights in a while, but it takes a long time to lose that reputation. They also get a lot of the thug/wanksta crowd in there so a lot of people don't want to go there. By the way, you should go check out (I like their T-Shirts). You can also get a Anti-Thug Life T-Shirt at the Spitkicker store.

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