Monday, July 04, 2005

Return from Tomorrow

I just finished Return from Tomorrow last week. It's a good book. Return from Tomorrowby George G. Ritchie is the true story of how an out-of-body experience that George had while he was dead for 9 minutes changed his life forever. Here is an excerpt from the book in which George describes Jesus when he met him during his out-of-body experience:

Above all, with that same mysterious inner certainty, I knew that this Man loved me. Far more even than power, what emenated from this Presence was unconditional love. An astonishing love. A love beyond my wildest imagining. This love knew every unlovable thing about me - the quarrels with my stepmother, my explosive temper, the sex thoughts I could never control, every mean, selfish thought and action since the day I was born - and accepted and loved me just the same.

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