Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Save the Boys Scouts

I have signed a petition at to save the Boys Scouts of America and I encourage everyone to do the same. Here is what the petition is about:

In June of 2000, the Supreme Court ruled that the Boy Scouts of America had the authority and right to set the criteria for their leadership, because they were a private organization. The ruling stemmed from a lawsuit filed by a man who was told by the Scouts that he could not hold a position of authority over young boys because he was a homosexual.

Since then, the Scouts have come under blistering attack from the ACLU that has resulted in a loss of funding from numerous United Way chapters across the nation, and discriminatory attempts to exclude the Scouts from federal, state, and local facilities. With dwindling resources to parry such attacks, many Scout councils and programs that benefit our communities are being shut down, and most others struggle to survive.

In today’s culture, with single-parent homes, increased drug use and violence with teens, the Scouts remain a beacon that guides and directs young boys into becoming tomorrow’s leaders. Grassfire’s very first petition was to benefit the Scouts. We understand the importance and relevance of Scouting. As such, we are urging Congress to draft legislation that promotes and protects the Scouts—allowing them to fulfill their mission without distraction from outside attack.

I encourage everyone to go sign the petition at to save the Boy Scouts of America!

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