Sunday, December 19, 2004

I Am a Soldier's Angel

Last week I went to the Soldiers' Angels website and adopted a soldier. Within 24 hours I recieved an email from them with the name and address of the soldier that I adopted. The next day I recieved an email from my mentor. My mentor is someone who will answer any questions I have about supporting my soldier. I will be sending my soldier a letter every week and a care package twice each month. My mentor told me that the United States Postal Service is offering free shipping supplies to friends and families of military members who are deployed overseas. To get the shipping supplies I just call 1-800-610-8734, press 1 for English, and then press 0 to talk to an operator. Once the operator is on the line, just ask for the "Military Pack". The Military Pack includes:
  • 5 12"x12"x8" boxes
  • 5 7"x7"x6" boxes
  • 1 roll of Priority Mail tape
  • 10 labels
  • 15 Customs forms
  • 15 envelopes for Customs forms
  • 15 Tyvek envelopes
Doc Farmer wrote a great article about what to put in Care Packages and how to pack them for long-distance travel (thanx to A Sailor in the Desert and GOC for referring me to this article). You should all got to the Soldiers' Angels website and adopt a soldier today. Regardless of your opinion on the war in Iraq, you should still Support Our Troops!

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